Jason Brown

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Jason Brown is originally from Arcadia, Florida. Prior to working in the field of architecture, he engaged in experimental fluid mechanics with applications in biological cell culture, the sensory ecology of marine plankton, and the carbon cycle in oceans. His focus on engineering in architecture is motivated both by personal interest and the opportunity to integrate diverse topics.

Educational Background

  • 1995 - Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Baylor University
  • 1998 - Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • 2010 - PhD in Architecture, Georgia Institute of Technology

Contact Information

Hinman Research Building
723 Cherry Street NW

Room: 358B
Tel.: 404-385-2913
E-Mail: jason.brown(at)coa.gatech.edu

Research Interests

To enable the design and analysis of innovative building systems solutions using multi-domain modeling and computation.