SysML-Modelica Integration


MagicDraw SysML - Modelica Integration

Java-based implementation of the OMG SysML-Modelica Transformation (SyM) using MagicDraw SysML




This project is an implementation of the OMG SysML-Modelica Transformation released under the open-source BSD-3 license. The latest developments of the SysML-Modelica transformation specification can be found on the OMG SysML-Modelica Wiki. This Java-based implementation supports SysML models from MagicDraw SysML. MagicDraw users can use MagicDraw plugins provided by this project to import/export Modelica models to SysML.

Getting Started

  1. Install the OpenModelicaCompiler revision 12060 (1.8.1). Newer versions of OMC can be found here. It is strongly recommended to use OMC revision 12060 (1.8.1) since newer versions have not been tested.
  2. Download the MagicDraw plugins and
  3. Unzip the and files into the respective edu.gatech.mbse.mdsysml2modelica and edu.gatech.mbse.modelica2mdsysml folders. Place the folders in the plugins directory of your MagicDraw installation (e.g. in C:/Program Files/MagicDraw UML/plugins).
  4. Download the file which contains two MagicDraw projects (ModelicaImportTest.mdzip: empty MagicDraw SysML project containing a reference to the SysML4Modelica profile + sysml4modelicaprofile.mdzip: SysMLModelica profile).
  5. Unzip the file and place the MagicDraw projects at the location of your choice. Make sure that both MagicDraw Projects are within the same directory.
  6. Launch the MagicDraw application with administrator rights.
  7. Disable plugin Caliber Integration if available through Options->Environment->Plugins. If you know other MagicDraw plugins which create CORBA connections, disable them. 
  8. Open ModelicaImportTest.mdzip in MagicDraw. 
  9. Import a Modelica model into MagicDraw SysML by right-clicking on the top level package (e.g. Data)->Modelica to SysML->Import Modelica and selecting the Modelica .mo file of your choice. Sample Modelica files can be found in the file. Sample SysML models resulting from importing these Modelica models into SysML can be found in the file. Modelica models which are imported into MagicDraw SysML must be encoded in UTF-8 (requirement by OMC).
  10. Export a MagicDraw SysML model into Modelica by right-clicking on the top level package (e.g. Data) or by right-clicking a Modelica package that should be exported and then selecting SysML to Modelica->Generate Modelica. The generated Modelica model will be located in the MagicDraw installation directory and be named Sample generated Modelica models resulting from exporting SysML models to Modelica can be found in the file. 

Useful Downloads

Detailed Installation instructions

More details on how to get started can be found on the Wiki of the GitHub project.

Installation instructions from source

Instructions to install and execute the roundtrip SysML-Modelica transformation from source can be found on the Wiki of the GitHub project.

Authors and Contributors

The main contributors to this project are Axel Reichwein (@axelreichwein) and Chris Paredis.

Support or Contact

Having any questions? Contact Axel Reichwein (CEO of Koneksys).