ME/ISyE 4803 Software Installation Instructions

Installing a VPN Client

Because ModelCenter can only be used while having access to the on-campus license manager (, you must install a Virtual Private Network (VPN) client if you plan to use ModelCenter from any off-campus computer.  If you are using on-campus LAWN access, a VPN client is not necessary.

To install the VPN client, download the software and consult the instructions at

Installing ModelCenter

  1. Download the installation file at (ModelCenter is all at the bottom of the page)
  2. Follow the instructions provided on the same page.

Running ModelCenter

  1. Start ModelCenter: Start / Programs / ModelCenter 10.2 / ModelCenter 10.2
    • When you use ModelCenter for the first time, you may need to enter the name of the license server:
    • It is also good to go through the tutorial in the Getting Started Guide.
    • You will notice that the learning curve for this software is not steep at all.  It is intuitive and before you know it you will be able to create interesting design studies and trade-off analyses.

Installing NoMagic MagicDraw 17.0.3

Please follow the installation instructions for MagicDraw in the document available for download hereIt is important that you follow these instructions exactly, since otherwise incompatibility issues with the Java runtime environment or the ModelCenter plugin could occur.

Installing the MagicDraw Plug-in

  1. Download the plug-in .zip folder to a temporary folder
  2. Installation Validation
    • After MagicDraw is restarted, two new samples will be available on the Welcome screen (one requires Matlab to be installed, the other does not --- if you have a bootleg version of Matlab then only the version without Matlab works)
    • On the opening blue screen, click on Samples.  Then in the category "MBSEC SysML-ModelCenter Integration"click on either "MotorExample" or "MotorExample (No Matlab)"
    • Once the model is open, in the diagram "Instances of MotorAnalysisContext" right-click on the top-level instance, called "motorAnalysisContext:MotorAnalysisContext" and select "Run Associated PHX ModelCenter Model(s)"  --- it may take about a minute or so to solve the model completely
    • Note that the value of maxPower in Parameters:Motor is 54666.9642834541 W.
    • Edit the stackLength variable to 0.35 m
    • Rerun the analysis and compare the value of maxPower.  It should now be 55164.2175496335 W.
    • If the value has changed as described above, then your model has solved correctly!
  3. Troubleshooting
    • If you were unable to solve the model, and you are unable to edit or import existing ModelCenter models from within MagicDraw, please go to and download and install the ...x64 file if you are using a 64-bit version of Java or the ...x86 file if you are using a 32-bit version of Java (it is likely going to be the 64-bit version, though). Now restart MagicDraw and you should be good to go.
    • If MagicDraw complains about not being able to copy a file called "JNIModelCenter.dll", please first try starting MagicDraw as an administrator (right-click on the MagicDraw application shortcut and select "Start as an Administrator") and, if that did not work, follow the instructions in the error message, which will require you to manually copy a particular file to a certain directory.
    • Also see the appendix in lecture 10 for other common modeling mistakes and tips & tricks.

*MacOS X / Unix / Linux / Solaris Users: MagicDraw has installers for various operating systems. However, since ModelCenter only runs on Microsoft Windows, we highly suggest the use of Microsoft Windows for this class. If you do not have access to Microsoft Windows or are unable to install a virtual machine or configure dual boot, we ask that you make use of VLab at, where we have prepared a fully configured environment for you (ME-F2013) (MagicDraw, ModelCenter and the ModelCenter plugin are already pre-installed). Note that you will still need to specify the license server for ModelCenter and configure the license for MagicDraw (this has to be done on a user basis).

Tutorial for MagicDraw-ModelCenter Plugin

It is recommended that you go through the tutorial available for download here. This tutorial will guide you through the process of building up a SysML model and linking it to Excel and Matlab via ModelCenter. After you complete the tutorial you should have a deeper understanding of how the plugin works.

Any Problems?

If these instructions are not sufficiently clear or you run into unexpected problems, don't hesitate to contact either Sebastian or Chris.