Bayesian Reasoning Over Models

TitleBayesian Reasoning Over Models
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsHerzig, S. J. I., and C. J. J. Paredis
Conference NameWorkshop on Model-Driven Engineering, Verification, and Validation (MoDeVVa) at MoDELS
Date Published09/2014
Conference LocationValencia, Spain

A crucial part of verifying and validating models is the identification of inconsistencies. Inconsistencies can exist whenever models overlap semantically. Such overlaps are predominant in model-driven engineering, where the use of multiple viewpoints leads to a variety of incomplete representations of one or more aspects of a system. While the commonly employed rule-based approaches to identifying inconsistencies can be effective, state of the art methods for inferring or determining semantic overlaps are not. Techniques relying on unification algorithms or a unifying ontology make strong assumptions, are error prone and can be costly to maintain. In this paper, an alternative approach based on Bayesian reasoning is proposed. We show how Bayesian inference combined with pattern matching can be used to infer likely semantic overlaps in models. The approach is illustrated and evaluated using the inference of semantic equivalences as an example of inferring one type of semantic overlap.

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