An Approach to Identifying Inconsistencies in Model-Based Systems Engineering

TitleAn Approach to Identifying Inconsistencies in Model-Based Systems Engineering
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsHerzig, S. J. I., A. Qamar, and C. J. J. Paredis
Conference NameProcedia Computer Science
Date Published03/2014
Conference LocationLos Angeles, CA
Keywordsinconsistency management, model composition, model integration, model-based systems engineering

A typical way of managing the inherent complexity of contemporary technical systems is to study them from different viewpoints. Such viewpoints are defined by a variety of factors, including the concerns of interest, level of abstraction, observers and context. Views conforming to these viewpoints are typically highly interrelated since the concerns addressed in the different viewpoints overlap semantically. Such overlaps can lead to inconsistencies. The challenge is to identify and resolve – that is, manage – such inconsistencies. This paper introduces an approach to identifying inconsistencies within the context of Model- Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). In current practice, inconsistencies are typically only discovered after long time intervals, e.g., during reviews. This can result in costly rework or even mission failure. Therefore, actively checking for inconsistencies, and doing so in a continuous fashion, can be valuable. We investigate the hypothesis that all models can be represented by graphs and that inconsistencies can be identified by means of pattern matching. We show that this process is equivalent to inferring inconsistencies by means of deductive reasoning. Finally, we present the results of a proof-of-concept implementation.

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